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Containerised Plants

Containerised Plants 1 September 2020 The investment in an industrial refrigeration plant is a large undertaking for any worksite, with many factors influencing the size, orientation, and lifespan of the plant. Proximity to neighbours, infrastructure...

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New Nippy’s Blast Chillers

Gordon Brothers is delighted to announce the completion of a new rapid cooling system for iconic South Australian brand, Nippy’s. The proudly family-run producer of fresh citrus fruit juices and flavoured milk products required a new system which was...

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CO2 Plate Freezers

Contact plate freezing is significantly more efficient and cheaper to run than air blast freezing. Virtually all of the large scale plate freezing systems installed to date, operate on ammonia which means they have large inventories of ammonia refrigerant...

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Condensation Control

Condensation Control is fast becoming a critical issue in food processing facilities. Food processing by its very nature generally requires processing and packaging in cool environments.  Wash downs, moist products, cooking processes and ventilation...

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CO2 Recovery & Liquefying

Carbon dioxide gas is used in many food industries, particularly in those producing beverages. It is primarily used for carbonation of packaged drink products as well as a blanket gas in storage to exclude oxygen, which can cause deterioration of a...

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