Quality Service

    Gordon Brothers has Australia’s largest and most experienced service team located strategically throughout Australia.

    Please contact our nearest service branch and talk about your requirements to our customer service team.

    Victoria/Tasmania 03 9389 6666
    Queensland/NT 07 3277 0577
    South Australia 08 8445 9733
    New South Wales/ACT 02 9718 9944 Western Australia 08 9249 9210

    Preventative Maintenance Programs

    Proper maintenance of your refrigeration plant increases the life of your equipment and saves you money on unexpected costly repair bills. Our technicians will ensure that your equipment operates to the highest levels possible. Our preventative maintenance programs include a full range of service functions tailored to meet your needs, including:

      • Routine services
      • Annual services
      • Maintenance plans
      • Oil Analysis
      • Customised service reports
      • Ammonia safety awareness training
      • Laser alignment
      • Electronic leak detection


    The trained and experienced overhaul technicians at Gordon Brothers Industries provide unparalleled in-house experience. Our technicians have full access to compressor overhaul manuals & documentation and they:

      • Knowledge of ammonia, new refrigerants and industrial systems
      • Electrical knowledge
      • Complete understanding of all types of refrigeration plants
      • Appropriate qualifications

    Safety Services

    Our specialised safety services offer risk assessments and procedures for all jobs completed. We provide fully insured safety audits for your plant, risk assessments and procedures for all jobs completed, and suggestions for continuous improvement. Please refer to our Safety Page. Safety inspections include:

    • Piping and valve systems

    • Pressure equipment and vessels

    • General condition and operation

    • Building considerations and access

    • Electrical safety devices

    • Mechanical safety devices

    • Ventilation and detection

    • Instructions and signage

    • Personal protective equipment

    Compressor Overhaul

    You rely on your refrigeration equipment and need it to be fully functional at all times. Our skilled technicians are highly trained in troubleshooting procedures so they can quickly get to the root cause of the problem and get your refrigeration equipment up and running. Our technicians have:

      • Routine services
      • Offer complete range of specialist tooling
      • Access parts from worldwide suppliers
      • Provide fast turnaround when you need it

    Remote Monitoring

    Gordon Brothers Industries has after-hours technicians who can provide remote access. Our technicians can evaluate problems, fix them online when possible, and notify you and others as required. Remote monitoring requires client information technology buy-in and the benefits include:

      • Reduced cost of after-hours calls
      • Quick response
      • Improved plant performance remotely

    Ammonia Relief Valve Inspection

    All ammonia relief (safety) valves need to be visually inspected annually and recalibrated every 5 years. This is required under AS/NZS 3788:2001 and forms part of the checking requirements of our ammonia safety inspections.

    Gordon Brothers Industries can recalibrate your relief valves, all recalibrations and settings are carried out on our test rig using NATA calibrated instruments. A tag and test certificate is provided as part of our recalibration service.

    We can recalibrate many brands of ammonia relief valves, including Valco, Hansen, Mycom, Danfoss, Parker, and Henry.

    Training Programs

    Gordon Brothers offers in-house training for your employees, including:

      • Plant specific refrigeration training
      • On-site safety training
      • Specific industry training
      • Emergency response training
      • Ammonia safety awareness training

    Qualified Professional Technicians

    Our accredited technicians have been professionally trained in:

      • Refrigeration trade & ARCtick compliance
      • Confined space
      • Breathing apparatus
      • Scissor and boom lift

      • Forklift
      • Restricted electrical licence
      • Laser alignment
      • Welding qualifications

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