Remote Monitoring, Reducing Cost, Improving Performance

Gordon Brothers have been engineering peace of mind into our refrigeration systems for many years. Our on call technicians have internet and laptop access for remote dial in to our customer sites. Our clients sleep better knowing that any alarm can be remote monitored by our dedicated service team 24/7.

The first way remote monitoring assists is by reducing downtime. A technician can be logged onto site within minutes of a call out being received and either adjust the system or liaise with staff on site to get the system up and running quickly. In these days of 24/7 production with hourly production rates worth thousands of dollars an hour this is vitally important.

Secondly remote monitoring can reduce potentially dangerous or costly refrigerant leaks. By having your refrigerant detection system linked to the PLC, the refrigerant leak can be notified quickly and important decisions about the response be put in place.

Finally remote monitoring assists in the process improvements within the plant. The system can be viewed at all times of the day and with different production rates so the overall operation of the plant can be analysed. Often this leads to operational improvements which can improve the performance as well as save energy consumption and costs.

All these benefits are actually achieved with a net reduction of overall costs. Many call outs can be resolved remotely with no visit to site required thus reducing the overall service bill. In addition production downtime is minimised and this saving should not be underestimated.

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