Enviropacks: Levels of Containment

The Gordon Brothers Enviropack has been successfully installed into areas considered to be highly sensitive to the potential release of the ammonia into the atmosphere. Industries such as mining, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, food and beverage have benefited from the installation of Enviropacks. As outlined in the levels of containment below, the Enviropack, satisfies the requirements for level 3 containment. Should an ammonia leak occur, the acoustically lined and sealed enclosure will contain any potential ammonia leaks, whilst ammonia detectors will activate an ammonia scrubbing system, which will safely absorb any air borne ammonia into a water scrubber tank. Once the ammonia detectors sense that the ammonia has been removed, the Enviropack can be entered safely.

Ammonia Levels of Containment:

LEVEL 1Compliant with AS/NZS 1677, EN 378, ISO 5149, FM Global 7‐13, ASHRAE 15, IIAR 2. Ammonia plant and machinery rooms are fitted with forced or passive exhaust or ventilation systems which are designed to discharge any ammonia/air mixtures into the atmosphere.

 LEVEL 2Compliant to some local laws and statutes. Any ammonia equipment, components or valves are at risk of leaking ammonia. All of these items must be housed in an enclosure fitted with scrubbers, to virtually remove all ammonia odours before that air is discharged to the surrounding atmosphere. This is to comply with the local statutes prohibiting any individual or business from detrimentally modifying the atmosphere for their neighbours or passers-by. Some of these laws specify the efficiency to which the scrubbers remove the ammonia odour. Systems like ammonia chillers which have outside air ventilation dampers, which close in the event of ammonia detection, would be covered by this level. Level 2 cannot guarantee ammonia odours will not be available in the surrounding environment.

 LEVEL 3. Secondary containment housing enclosing open drive ammonia compressors, oil pumps and all other items containing ammonia, totally sealed with internally recirculated air scrubbing systems, capable of absorbing the total ammonia charge into an internally housed water tank. The secondary containment housing is fully sealed with no external ventilation apertures whatsoever. This level will have particular arrangements for keeping the enclosed equipment cool and the internal air temperature in the enclosure at a level acceptable to the equipment. Level 3 containment will be particularly suitable for very sensitive environments when no ammonia odours are allowed.

 LEVEL 4. Secondary containment housing enclosing semi-hermetically sealed ammonia compressors, oil pumps and all other items containing ammonia, totally sealed with internal scrubber, capable of absorbing the total ammonia charge, no external ventilation apertures whatsoever. The level 4 ammonia equipment takes the containment security to a higher level by removing the shaft seals from the equipment thereby eliminating that high risk area for a potential primary release.

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