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    Our fleet of EnviroPacks are built to make your refrigeration system as efficient, reliable, quiet and safe as possible with an emphasis on sustainability. 

    EnviroPack is a water chilling package using a minimal ammonia charge as the refrigerant. Ammonia has zero greenhouse effect and provides optimum system efficiency. The fully sealed, attenuated package enclosure provides a safer and quieter working environment and allows the package to be in applications not previously possible. 

    Leak Containment

    The entire package is contained within an internally cooled, fully sealed enclosure. Should a leak occur, an ammonia detector activates an integral scrubbing system, to remove the ammonia from the air, rendering the package safe for service. 


    The enclosure has full height doors, and central access ways, providing easy access for servicing. All panels are fully demountable for major component overhaul or replacement. 

    Minimal Charge

    The revolutionary design achieves a significantly reduced ammonia charge when compared to traditional ammonia refrigeration systems. 

    Control Integration

    The standard EnviroPack incorporates the MicroPlus compressor control system. Integrated motor control centres are optional. 

    WhisperPack Enclosure

    The unique WhisperPack enclosure provides a quieter and safer environment. 


    EnviroPack can easily be adapted to a wide range of fluid chilling applications, such as glycols and brines. 

    Weather Proof

    The fully sealed enclosure makes the Enviropack suitable for installation outdoors. 


    The use of plate heat exchanger technology allows flexibility in design, materials and application within a given model size. 

    CFC Free

    EnviroPack is totally CFC free. 

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