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    Our contracting division provides a total design and construct industrial refrigeration and cooling solution. Gordon Brothers Industries designs, manufactures. installs and commissions industrial refrigeration systems for a broad range of applications and industries across Australia and overseas


    Gordon Brothers Industries is Australia's largest and most experienced industrial refrigeration company. We are leaders in the field of natural and synthetic refrigeration solutions. We provide refrigeration system design, construction, servicing and parts to a wide range of customers throughout Australia and overseas.

    With our innovative refrigeration engineering solutions comes the peace of mind our clients deserve. Our solutions are reliable. cost effective, energy-efficient safe and environmentally conscious.

    We tailor our services carefully to meet our clients' needs. Our team is dedicated to improving the reliability of their refrigeration systems. We provide continual support with 24 hour; 7-day service wherever it is needed. With service centres in Melbourne, Bendigo, Sydney, Griffith, Brisbane, Townsville, Adelaide, Riverland and Perth, we are the only nationwide industrial refrigeration service provider in Australia.


    EnviroPack is a water chilling package using a minimal ammonia charge as the refrigerant. Ammonia has zero greenhouse effect and provides optimum system efficiency. The fully sealed, attenuated package enclosure provides a safer and quieter working environment and allows the package to be in applications not previously possible. 

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    Whatever your business, you'll find Gordon has the knowledge and experience you need to help you with your refrigeration requirements.
    We've been meeting the needs of specialised industries from beverage to mine cooling and everything in between for a 100 years. With specialist engineers for every industry sector (we call them our "industry champions") we can design and construct equipment, and repair and service it all for you. When you partner with Gordon our top quality engineering solutions and services will keep your business running smoothly, reliably and cost effectively, maximising the return on your investments. Convenience Gas

    Backed by Gordon Brothers Industries reputation for engineering excellence, we ensure that any queries about refrigeration systems are examined in detail and the best solution offered.

    Whether you are maintaining your own site, or servicing and installing many systems, the support given by Gordon Brothers Industries will give you peace of mind.

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