Containerised Plants

The investment in an industrial refrigeration plant is a large undertaking for any worksite, with many factors influencing the size, orientation, and lifespan of the plant. Proximity to neighbours, infrastructure or pre-existing buildings can severely limit the flexibility and efficiency of installations as compromises are made in order to work with existing site conditions.

Containerised plants are exactly that, refrigeration plants housed, either entirely or partially, within the confines of a shipping container; delivered as a prefabricated unit. This is inclusive of compressor packages, heat exchangers, pressure vessels and electrical control equipment. Configurations and heat load capacities vary greatly depending on the needs of the site, but systems over 500kW are well within the capability of such a plant.

A construction of this nature has numerous benefits for the user such as:

  • Compact footprint 
  • Containment of hazardous chemicals away from other buildings and personnel
  • High level of transportability
  • Self-contained, self supporting and weatherproof structure
  • Minimal civil works requirements 
  • Drastically reduced site installation time
  • Lowered acoustic impost on surrounding residents 

There’s no such thing as a free lunch and the characteristics that make such plant configurations attractive can be a veritable double-edged sword. The compact footprint of a shipping container necessarily means there is limited internal space available for plant equipment; resulting in an upper limit to plant capacity. Coupled to this is the fixed geometry of a container simply may not fit in with the spatial constraints of the property, access ways or aesthetics of the area.

Each site presents its own challenge but most, if not all, obstacles can be overcome with close collaboration between client and designer.

Whether situated in high density city locale or hundreds of kilometres from the nearest neighbour, the benefits of a containerised plant can quickly outweigh any drawbacks to make this style of installation an extremely attractive proposition for many industrial sites.

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