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Absorption Refrigeration Systems

Absorption Refrigeration Systems  5 October 2020 A consequence of many industrial processes is the generation of waste heat. Energy in the form of heat is a versatile resource to have on hand if the means exist to convert that energy into another...

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Containerised Plants

Containerised Plants 1 September 2020 The investment in an industrial refrigeration plant is a large undertaking for any worksite, with many factors influencing the size, orientation, and lifespan of the plant. Proximity to neighbours, infrastructure...

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Flammability of Refrigerants

Flammability of Refrigerants 30 July 2020 When handling large quantities of chemicals, especially at elevated pressures, an important part of the risk analysis for any refrigeration system should be “What is the combustion risk of this system?” Industrial...

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Low-Charge Ammonia Refrigeration Systems

Lowering the quantity of ammonia in an industrial refrigeration system has always been a goal to improve safety and reliability of these systems. Gordon Brothers has installed and maintained low charge ammonia system since its inception and is the...

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50 Years of Service – Neil Bennetts

Neil joined Gordon Brothers on 7th April 1967 at the factory in Union Street Brunswick. This was Neil’s 6th job after working for several companies during his teenage years. Served in Milk Bar at Gilmour’s Dairy. Sheet metal work at WE Cash. Apprentice...

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New Nippy’s Blast Chillers

Gordon Brothers is delighted to announce the completion of a new rapid cooling system for iconic South Australian brand, Nippy’s. The proudly family-run producer of fresh citrus fruit juices and flavoured milk products required a new system which was...

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