In 2015 Gordon Brothers launched a series of Ammonia Safety & Training Institute safety days around Australia. ASTI is the global pre-eminent ammonia safety training organisation responsible for making training available in the US, Canada, Australia and Central/South America. The ASTI suite of training programs range from in depth, one week courses held in the US, which include large live ammonia release and other research projects, right through to safety days and site specific emergency response training sessions which are held in all participating countries.

The training programs are targeted at Industry, Regulators and the Emergency Response community. The ASTI programs are widely received in the ammonia industrial refrigeration industry and in recent years are gaining acceptance in the ammonia fertilizer industries.

The aim of this program is to provide all participants with understanding and respect for ammonia which is now the most popular industrial chemical in the world. There continues to be too many injuries from ammonia incidents and ASTI’s goal is to provide specific safety training to enable these to be greatly mitigated to a point where ammonia injuries are eliminated. ASTI is all about de-mystifying ammonia and dispelling the myths. The ASTI attitude to accidental ammonia releases is “prevent them all or stop them small”

An important part of the Ammonia Safety Program involves Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). The Ammonia Safety Vest is recommended for Level C protection and should be worn by anyone who is working in or around an ammonia plant.

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Meet Your Trainer

Don Tragethon

Don has 32 years experience in ammonia refrigeration. He served as the Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association (RETA) Education chairman and Certification chairman.  He is a past-national president of RETA and managed RETA for nine years (2005 - 2013) during which time RETA acquired ANSI accreditation and membership increased 2.5 times.  Don has been instructing for ASTI for 24 years and currently serves as the Chairman of ASTI’s Board of Directors.


  • Session 1
    • Overview of the Day’s Topics
    • Introduction to Ammonia
    • Hazard Management
    • Emergency Challenges
  • Session 2

    Becoming Prepared for:

    • Industry
    • Public Safety
    • Government
    • Key Concerns
  • Session 3
    • First 30 Minutes
    • Stop Them Small with a Plan
    • Real Life Stories & Surviving the Big One
    • Importance of PPE
    • Engaging Action
  • Session 4
    • Recognising Catastrophes
    • Escalating Factors
    • Evaluation
    • Issue Certificates
Ammonia Detection

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