90 Minutes
Ammonia Awareness

Cover everyone

This is a new training program targeted at office workers, production workers and any personnel that are not familiar with ammonia.

Our 90 minutes Ammonia Awareness course is a new training program specifically designed to bring awareness to employees that work on sites where ammonia is present. This may include office workers, production staff or any other personal that might not be familiar with ammonia.

Under the current legislation, plant owners are responsible for adequate training for all employees on all chemicals that’re on site.

This course aims to provide all participants with a basic understanding of ammonia, its characteristics, a basic run down of how an Ammonia system operates and what to do in the event of an emergency. 

The course is structured around a 60-minute power point presentation followed by a 30-minute practical rundown of the ammonia system on-site. An important element of this course is that it’s site specific where photos are included to the course which engages employees and makes this course more relatable. During this time, participants are open to ask any questions and the trainer will discuss various scenarios. 

During the course participants will be given the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the smell of ammonia so they can recognise it in the event of a leak. 

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