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Industrial Refrigeration Specialists

Welcome to Gordon Brothers Industries

Gordon Brothers Industries is Australia’s largest and most experienced industrial refrigeration company, providing design, construct, servicing and parts to customers throughout Australia and internationally. The company’s reputation is based on providing high quality solutions and a wide range of nationwide services to ensure your refrigeration system continues to operate efficiently.

Key Industries

Meat Processing
Mine Cooling
Cold Storage
Distribution Centres
Gas & Chemical

Service Department

We have all the experience to service the refrigeration needs for a wide variety of industries, including red meat, poultry, pork, smallgoods, seafood, frozen vegetables, pet food, dairy, margarine, ice cream, fruit processing, brewery, mining and more! In fact, we provide that special package that is exclusively devoted to your needs.

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    Custom Solutions

    Gordon Brothers industries is Australia's largest and most experienced industrial refrigeration company. We are leaders in the field of natural and synthetic refrigeration solutions. We provide refrigeration system design, construction, servicing and parts to a wide range of customers throughout Australia and overseas.

    We tailor our services carefully to meet our clients' needs. Our team is dedicated to improving the reliability of their refrigeration systems. We provide continual support with 24 hour; 7-day service wherever it is needed. With service centres in Melbourne, Bendigo, Sydney, Griffith, Brisbane, Townsville, Adelaide, Riverland and Perth, we are the only nationwide industrial refrigeration service provider in Australia.

    Our contracting division provides a total design and construct industrial refrigeration and cooling solution. Gordon Brothers Industries designs, manufactures. installs and commissions industrial refrigeration systems for a broad range of applications and industries across Australia and overseas


    Our Parts


    Condensation Control

    August 2017

    Condensation Control is fast becoming a critical issue in food processing facilities. Food processing by its very nature generally requires processing and packaging in cool environments. Wa...

    Carbon Dioxide Recovery & Liquefying

    August 2017

    Carbon dioxide gas is used in many food industries, particularly in those producing beverages. It is primarily used for carbonation of packaged drink products as well as a blanket gas in storage to ex...

    Spray Carcass Chilling

    August 2017

    Relevant credentials in Spray Carcass Chilling - Beef 1. Gordon Brothers Industries Pty Ltd ( GBI) was the refrigeration partner for, the then CSIRO R&D rail chiller project in the 1990’s and...

    We offer a range of different safety programs that cater for all different areas of your business.

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