Gordon Brothers has a wide range of innovative products and systems which is being used by many major Australian and overseas companies.

Compressor Packages

You have the choice of a full range of screw compressor packages supplied by Gordon Brothers. We can provide any compressor brand you prefer, including Mycom, Howden, Hanbell, Frick and Grasso.

EnviroPack Chilling Package

EnviroPack provides energy efficient, safe, reliable fluid chilling capability, using low ammonia charge technology in a secondary containment housing providing level 3 safety, all contained in a sound attenuation enclosure.

Mine Cooling Equipment

Mine Cool packages are custom designed and built by Gordon Brothers to operate reliably in harsh Australian conditions, deliver significant energy savings and legendary reliability.

Air Coolers – Custom Made

Gordon Brothers can custom manufacture our legendary hot dipped galvanised air coolers to accommodate your space constraints. These coolers are suitable for ammonia and carbon dioxide refrigeration systems and are available with very quick lead times.

Ammonia/CO2 Cascade Heat Exchangers

Ammonia/CO2 cascade packages are designed with low charge ammonia technology providing efficiencies at low temperatures comparable to traditional ammonia systems.

Air Coolers

Gordon Brothers can supply an extensive range of air coolers from quality global manufacturers to suit any industrial refrigeration application.

Air Distribution Fabric Ducts

A cost effective, aesthetically attractive alternative to metal ductwork, correctly designed and installed fabric duct low velocity air distribution systems provide many benefits to our customers.

Chemical Process Packages

Gordon Brothers has engineered a wide variety of highly specialized chemical process refrigeration packages to suit gas and chemical industries.

Evaporative Condensers

Gordon Brothers can engineer and install the correct size, energy efficient, Evaporative Condenser for your refrigeration application with quality options right up to full stainless steel construction for maximum life expectancy.

Fluid Chillers

Custom designed and built Fluid Chiller packages can be supplied in both air and water cooled to suit your application, including energy efficiency and smart technology as standard.

Pressure Vessels

We can provide refrigeration pressure vessels of any size and configuration to suit your requirement, all manufactured to meet or exceed Australian Standards.


Gordon Brothers can offer a range of quality pumps, including leakproof canned motor liquid ammonia pumps, glycol pumps and general industrial pumps.