Condensation Control
Aug 2017
Condensation Control is fast becoming a critical issue in food processing facilities. Food processing by its very nature generally requires processing and packaging in cool environments.  Wa...
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Carbon Dioxide Recovery & Liquefying
May 2017
Carbon dioxide gas is used in many food industries, particularly in those producing beverages. It is primarily used for carbonation of packaged drink products as well as a blanket gas in storage to ex...
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Spray Carcass Chilling
Mar 2017
Relevant credentials in Spray Carcass Chilling - Beef 1. Gordon Brothers Industries Pty Ltd ( GBI) was the refrigeration partner for, the then CSIRO R&D rail chiller project in the 1990’s and...
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Gordon Enviropacks: Levels of Containment
Dec 2016
The Gordon Brothers Enviropack has been successfully installed into areas considered to be highly sensitive to the potential release of the ammonia into the atmosphere. Industries such as mining, petr...
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Refrigeration Standards Update
Oct 2016
Standards Australia has recently released five new Standards relating to refrigeration systems and refrigerant designation which has superseded the equivalent existing standards AS/NZS 1677.1 Refriger...
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Cascade Systems – Defrost Methods
Sep 2016
A cascade refrigeration system can have energy consumption advantages over a more conventional two-stage industrial refrigeration system, especially where very low temperatures (in the order of -30°C...
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