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When you are a winery planning to process the largest ‘first crush’ in Australia you will require some serious refrigeration and...

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Gordon Brothers designed, engineered, built and installed Australia’s largest, at the time, chilled water refrigeration plant on a...

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Energy Efficiency

A regional winery in NSW wanted to improve their refrigeration system efficiency and contacted Gordon Brothers to engineer a solution...

Compressor Packages

You have the choice of a full range of screw compressor packages supplied by Gordon Brothers. We can provide any compressor brand you prefer, including Mycom, Howden, Hanbell, Fric...

EnviroPack Chilling Package

EnviroPack provides energy efficient, safe, reliable fluid chilling capability, using low ammonia charge technology in a secondary containment housing providing level 3 safety, all...

Mine Cooling Equipment

Mine Cool packages are custom designed and built by Gordon Brothers to operate reliably in harsh Australian conditions, deliver significant energy savings and legendary reli...


We have all the experience to service the refrigeration needs for a wide variety of industries, including red meat, poultry, pork, smallgoods, seafood, frozen vegetables, pet food, dairy, margarine, ice cream, fruit processing, brewery, mining … and more! In fact, we provide that special package that is exclusively devoted to your needs.


CO2 Plate Freezers
Contact plate freezing is significantly more efficient and cheaper to run than air blast freezing. Virtually all of the large scale plate freezing systems installed to date, operate on ammonia which m...
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Mine Cooling
It is well known that there are a number of safety issues in regards to underground mining in Australia and around the world. One of the hottest topics associated with this form of mining is the high...
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Ammonia Safety Days
In 2015 Gordon Brothers launched a series of Ammonia Safety & Training Institute safety days around Australia. ASTI is the global pre-eminent ammonia safety training organisation responsible for m...
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